YouTube / Twitch rank (requirements + sign up form)


Server Owner
We always love it when players make videos for online channels, such as YouTube and Twitch (streams). To encourage players to create videos or stream on the Minecraft server, we offer a [YouTube] and [Twitch] rank on our Minecraft Server. With this rank you stand out well, and you get the choice of a nickname with the name of your channel (if you did not have it as a standard ingame name). We set a number of requirements for this:


  • Minimum 100 subscribers (YouTube).
  • You are active and upload gaming content. You have built an audience of viewers who watch and enjoy game related videos.
  • You have previously (recently) uploaded Minecraft videos.
  • Videos from Minecraft must achieve an average of at least 50 views.
  • You are an active player on ScorchedMC.
  • You upload at least one video / stream over ScorchedMC a week.

  • Minimum 20 followers (Twitch).
  • You actively stream and mainly stream gameplays.
  • You have multiple Minecraft streams recently.
  • People actually watch your streams.
  • You are an active player on ScorchedMC.
  • Your streams 1x per week at least on ScorchedMC.
We reward YouTubers and streamers from Twitch with a rank with some extra permissions. This gives you access to the Media channel on our website and Discord. Here you can leave and promote your videos and streams. This is only allowed if you play on ScorchedMC and the stream / video is about it. Other videos or streams will be removed by our administrators and may result in a ban on the website or a mute on our Discord channels.
In-game you get access to some extras, such as joining a full server, more money per 15 minutes and some extra commands such as / hat and / beecanon.

Layout and registration:​

If you are sure that you meet the requirements, you can register via the link below. Note, this link will take you to a page that is not from ScorchedMC itself, but from Google. Keep in mind that you can only register once a week. If you register yourself more than once a week, it will be automatically rejected. We strive to respond to your request within 72 hours.

Click here to register yourself via the form.