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Hello everyone,

We have opened our webstore, you can now support us by purchasing ranks or perks (or an unban 👀) and in return you will get fancy stuff! As of now we offer 3 ranks, 2 perks, 1 item and 3 other packages. To prevent any confusion I decided to make a list with commonly asked questions, see below.

Click here to open the store

  • Can I gift to other players?
    • Yes, you can purchase packages for other players, although the payer will be responsible for the payment.
  • Can I refund my purchase
    • No, all payments are final and fall under a "no refund" policy. Only in cases of technical issues an exception might be made.
  • Are ranks temporary or permanent?
    • Ranks are permanent, as long as you keep the payment details (invoice).
  • If I buy a rank, and want to upgrade to a higher rank, do I need to pay the full price?
    • No, you only have to pay for the difference between the ranks.
  • Can I buy a rank if I am under the age of 18?
    • No, if you are under the age of 18 you need to have permission of a legal guardian to make a purchase. Unauthorized purchases may lead to a ban from our server(s).
  • What do you do with the money earned?
    • All money will be invested into the server, for example: hosting, purchase of plugins, to pay our designer.
If you still have any questions feel free to create a ticket in our discord server.
Not open for further replies.