NEW: Chat Party's


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From the next server restart you can create your own chat party. Here you can communicate with your friends without everyone being able to read your conversation and you can talk in any language.

The operation of this chat function is briefly explained below:


Easily set up and manage everything from a menu:
/party - Open the menu to create, join and configure a party.

All commands in a row:
/party create [name] - create a chat party
/party info - view the information of the active party
/party add [player] - invite friends and players to your party
/party accept/deny - Accept or decline an party/ summon invitation
/party join [party] - Ask to join the party
/partychat - Toggle the partychat. You can also send your message directly by typing "/pc [message]".
/pc - Toggle the partychat. You can also send your message directly by typing "/pc [message]".
/party leave - Leave the party
/party summon - Make all party members teleport to you (delay of 3 seconds)
/party remove [player] - remove someone from your party
/party rename [name] - Give your party a fresh new name
/party promote [player] - Hand over the leadership to someone else.
/party disband - Remove your party permanently. This cannot be undone


Please note that there are also some rules in parties that you must abide by. Staff will also moderate this chat if necessary.

- It is not allowed to promote other servers in chatparties. This action will result in a ban on our Minecraft server.
- You may speak in any language in party chat, but the global chat remains Dutch or English. Do you engage in a prolonged conversation in another language, a staff member will kindly request you to speak English or Dutch or take other actions as necessary.
- Spamming is not allowed in chat channels.
- Respect all players and staff members.
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