Update Introducing the Referral system

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2021-03-26_16.27.53 copy.JPGHey everyone!
We have just implemented a new feature in the server, the referral system. The idea is that you can invite new players to our server and we will reward you with $1500 in-game, the player that used your code will also receive $200 to get started on the server. There are 3 commands for this. I will explain them below.

This will return your referral code, give this code to the people you have invited.

/referral <code>
Use this command to activate your referral and receive $200 in-game

/uses <code>
This will show information about the given referral code, currently this includes the amount of uses and shows the name of the creator.

If you experience any issues, or if you have an improvement for our Minecraft server please let us know!
Not open for further replies.