Guide: Player warps

Once you reach [rank (level) ]( 5 you gain access to the `/warp` command. Warps are similar to homes, but they can be accessed by the public. The idea behind player warps is to provide the community with useful features, of which you can benefit too!

You can set your very first player warp once you reach rank 18 and the second warp at rank 36, setting a warp will cost you $10,000. You can also put a cost on your warps so players have to pay you to teleport to your warp. I will explain all available commands in details:

This command opens the warp menu, this contains a list of all available player warps. You can also view your favorite warps and your recently visited warps.

/warp <name>
This command will teleport you to a warp (if it exists), please note that some warps may have a fee that you need to pay before teleporting! Example: /warp enderfarm

/setwarp <name>
Use this command when you want to set a player warp, the name must be unique, may only contain alphanumeric characters (a to z and 0 to 9) and must be 16 or less characters long, example: /pw set enderfarm.

/pw cost set <warp> <amount>
Use this command to apply a fee that users have to pay to you when they want to teleport to your warp. For example
/pw cost set enderfarm 50 will set a fee of $50 to your enderfarm warp.

/pw cost remove <warp>
Use this command if you would like to remove the fee from your warp. For example
/pw cost remove enderfarm will remove the fee for your enderfarm warp.

/pw amount
This will list list the maximum amount of warps you can use.

/pw reset <warp>
Use this command if you want to change the location of your warp. For example
/pw reset enderfarm will set the location of your enderfarm warp to your current location.

/delwarp <warp>
Use this command if you want to delete your warp. For example
/pw remove enderfarm will delete your enderfarm warp.

/pw icon <set|remove> <warp>
This will set or remove the icon for your warp (the item shown in the warp menu), it copies the item that you are currently holding in your hand, for example doing
/pw icon set enderfarm while holding an enderpearl will set the icon to an enderpearl, and when you type /pw icon remove enderfarm will reset it to default.

/pw ban set <warp> <user>
Ban a user from using your warp.
/pw ban set Myla_Chan enderfarm will ban Myla_Chan from my endfarm warp.

/pw ban remove <warp> <user>
Unban a user from your warp.
/pw ban remove Myla_Chan enderfarm will unban Myla_Chan (which will never happen) from my endfarm warp.

/pw ban list <warp>
List all users that are banned from this warp.
/pw ban list enderfarm.
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