Dynmap ScorchedMC

From now on it is possible to view the public Dynmap of the entire Minecraft map! We have added this, because we believe that this will be of great added value if you play on a Minecraft server. Via the map you can see who is online, what is near you and where all the players are located. You can also view player warps and see existing claims. The map is very useful for your adventure on ScorchedMC and certainly smart to have at hand. Because the map is not visible in Minecraft itself, but you are playing on the server, we have added the command "/map". By typing this command, you will get the link to our Dynmap.

View the Dynmap by clicking here!


It is not possible to chat from the Dynmap. We recommend that you join our Discord via "/ discord". If you don't have access to a PC or laptop, you can always chat with online players via #minecraft-chat in our Discord, provided you have linked your Minecraft account via "/discord link". You can also only view the 2D and 3D variant of the normal Survival world. The caves, Nether and The End are not visible.