Changelog 07/03/2021 ScorchedMC

Changelog 07/03/2021 ScorchedMC:

  • We have changed our server name to ScorchedMC due to conflicts with another server that shared the same name, due to the name change we were forced to change the domain and IP of our server. The new domain is and the IP address is
  • Our twitter username has been changed to @scorched_mc
  • Our instagram username has been changed to @scorchedmc
  • We have a completely new and unique spawn, thanks to Aliicc and Michel3951.
  • Shop plots have been moved to the new spawn. If you own an existing plot do not worry, we have moved your shop to the new spawn.
  • The old spawn is now a protected region where mobs can spawn.
  • Rankups have been re-worked, see this link
  • Added player vaults, a virtual chest that you can open anywhere, anytime. Your first vault is unlocked at level 45.
  • Added /buy, a quick GUI menu to browse the webstore in-game
  • You can no longer change your nickname, the only way to get a nickname is by linking your account in-game.

Due to the long maintenance, we are currently running an event where you earn twice as much money by being online. Note, this money is not for mob cash. This event will run through midnight on Wednesday March 10.
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