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  1. timeuw

    Solved Discord

    Hi, ik zie dat dit al afgehandeld is en je op Discord bent ingelogd. Superleuk, welkom. :)
  2. timeuw

    Solved Rico_k-x-ray, hack client

    Good evening, We have looked into it and have taken care of your report. Thank you for sending it.
  3. timeuw

    GriefPrevention Tutorial (VIDEO)

    Want to know how to protect your survival base from mobs and players? Watch this video to find out how. Please note that this video was published when the server was still running under the old name. The tutorial is unchanged.
  4. timeuw

    NEW: Chat Party's

    From the next server restart you can create your own chat party. Here you can communicate with your friends without everyone being able to read your conversation and you can talk in any language. The operation of this chat function is briefly explained below: --- Easily set up and manage...
  5. timeuw

    Changelog 07/03/2021 ScorchedMC

    Changelog 07/03/2021 ScorchedMC: General We have changed our server name to ScorchedMC due to conflicts with another server that shared the same name, due to the name change we were forced to change the domain and IP of our server. The new domain is and the IP address is...
  6. timeuw

    Welcome to ScorchedMC!

    ScorchedMC First of all, welcome to ScorchedMC! A short introduction about ourselves: We are an English Minecraft server (SMP) with the focus on the ultimate gameplay. Previously, the server was known under the name StickyMC from 2014, but we have decided to change the name to ScorchedMC. A lot...
  7. timeuw

    Dynmap ScorchedMC

    From now on it is possible to view the public Dynmap of the entire Minecraft map! We have added this, because we believe that this will be of great added value if you play on a Minecraft server. Via the map you can see who is online, what is near you and where all the players are located. You...
  8. timeuw

    Build shops in spawn as a player

    Since the opening of ScorchedMC it is possible to rent plots in the spawn. These plots can only be used to build shops. You can read how this works in this post. In spawn, as soon as you walk out of the gate, there is a sign with all the plots on the right. This shows all plots with the...
  9. timeuw

    YouTube / Twitch rank (requirements + sign up form)

    We always love it when players make videos for online channels, such as YouTube and Twitch (streams). To encourage players to create videos or stream on the Minecraft server, we offer a [YouTube] and [Twitch] rank on our Minecraft Server. With this rank you stand out well, and you get the choice...