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  1. Myla-Chan

    Solved Rico_k-x-ray, hack client

    Hii herowhisper, thanks for your report we will investigate further into this thanks for letting us know : )
  2. Myla-Chan

    Closed wither based farms

    Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately I will have to inform you that after consideration with our staff team we have decided not to implement your suggestion. Although we encourage players to build farms and other large structures, not everything is allowed due to economy stability.
  3. Myla-Chan

    Guide: Custom Enchantments

    Explosive arrows has been disabled due to issues and ignoring pvp settings
  4. Myla-Chan

    Guide: Player levels

    Hi everyone, I made an easy overview of all the rank up requirements and rewards for our rankup system. All rank-ups require an amount of playtime combined with either a cash price you have to pay or an advancement you need to unlock. The point of rank-ups is to get more perks / rewards. The...
  5. Myla-Chan

    Guide: Custom Enchantments

    You can get custom enchantments in our server! To get them you can simply enchant your item at a enchanting table to have a chance at getting the custom enchantments. Additionally you can find them in chests from dungeons Down here is a list off all the enchantments available in our server...