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    Update Introducing the Referral system

    Hey everyone! We have just implemented a new feature in the server, the referral system. The idea is that you can invite new players to our server and we will reward you with $1500 in-game, the player that used your code will also receive $200 to get started on the server. There are 3 commands...
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    [Week 11] Spleef (1 winner)

    Hey everyone! This week (week 11) we will be hosting the first official ScorchedMC event! We are planning on doing events every Friday (if possible) at 20:00 UTC+1. This week we will be doing 2 rounds of spleef, last one standing wins. The winners of these 2 rounds will then end up in a 1...
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    Hello everyone, We have opened our webstore, you can now support us by purchasing ranks or perks (or an unban 👀) and in return you will get fancy stuff! As of now we offer 3 ranks, 2 perks, 1 item and 3 other packages. To prevent any confusion I decided to make a list with commonly asked...
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    Guide: Player warps

    Once you reach [rank (level) ]( 5 you gain access to the `/warp` command. Warps are similar to homes, but they can be accessed by the public. The idea behind player warps is to provide the community with useful features, of which you can benefit...